Brooke Joanna Benlifer, RD




  1. 10 Scrumptious Ways to Fuel Yourself for the Day Ahead
  2. 4 Reasons you Think you are Hungry when you Aren’t
  3. 6 Ways to Take the Hype out of your H2O
  4. A Few of My Favorite Things…
  5. Blast Belly Fat with 12 Low-Calorie Breakfast Foods
  6. Brooke Benlifer – Metromint
  7. Coach’s Oats – A Great Daily Routine
  8. Cold Stone Creamery for Dinner
  9. Creative & Simple Ways to Boost Protein Intake
  10. Dessert Ideas
  12. Empty Promises
  13. Fuel Yourself for the Day Ahead
  14. Gorgeous Core: A New Abdominal Workout DVD
  15. Grocery Shopping: Navigating the Store Quickly & Making Healthy Choices
  16. Happy Meals…Healthy, FUN Lunches for Kids
  17. Health Food Fakes
  18. Health Hero Spotlight – Brook Benlifer
  19. Heart Healthy, High Protein Foods to Fill You Up, Not OUT!
  20. How to Prevent Binge Eating and What to Do Instead
  21. Maintaining Your Healthy Eating Goals for Life
  22. Make Time for What Matters Most
  23. Making the BEST Food Choices: Navigating the Playing Field in Any Situation
  24. Metromint: A Healthier Flavored Water?
  25. Nordic Naturals – A Better Fish Oil Supplement
  26. Overhaulin’ Your Diet: Simple Ways to Save Calories and Boost Nutrition
  27. Salad Bar Topping Ideas
  28. Smooth Moves: Smoothies Boost Nutrition and Keep Waist in Check
  29. Surviving and Thriving During the Holidays
  30. Treating Yourself Well…You Deserve It!
  31. Wrap it Up!
  32. Yogalosophy: A Challenging Workout at Home