Brooke Benlifer – Metromint

Registered Dietitian & Freelance Writer/Recreational Athlete & Marathon Runner

South Salem, NY

Current Location:
San Diego, CA

Career Highlight:
Building a private practice

Greatest Life Accomplishment:
Creating a life in which I have an incredible group of family and friends, work and hobbies that I enjoy and the passion and energy to give to others.

How I got involved:
For years I have been interested in the connection between health, wellness, medicine, nutrition and fitness. More recently, I’ve been interested in integrative medicine and a more holistic approach to wellness. I have volunteered with students and donate to auctions that raise funds for education.
I tasted Metromint at a demo in 2006 and was an instant fan. It became my beverage of choice and I contacted the Metromint staff to say how impressed I was with the product and the company’s mission. The rest is history!

Friends and family; people who take care of their bodies, minds and spirits; sunny days; a good book; the wisdom of others; that feeling you get after completing a challenging workout; success stories; belief in oneself

Cause Related/Green Planet Efforts:

Recycle; Fresh air instead of AC; Not buying garbage bags; Use environmentally friendly products; Buy foods “close to the earth”; Utilize public resources (library, parks, trails, etc.); Avoid needless clutter!

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