Brooke Joanna Benlifer, RD




Comprehensive Nutritional Assessment
This is the recommended option for the 1st session and includes past medical history, weight history, current health and exercise habits and personal nutritional goals. It is the foundation for the nutritional plan to follow.
Basic Follow-Up Session
After the initial assessment is complete, weekly follow-up sessions are highly recommended to track progress and establish a support system to meet one’s goals.
Power Walk Nutrition Session
These are “active discussion” sessions where the client and dietitian can follow-up and get a healthy cardio walk in one session! This is a nice alternative, especially for those with long commutes or desk jobs.
Corporate Wellness Package
Treat yourself to a plan tailored to meet your individual lifestyle and work schedule. Brooke designs programs for individuals and also speaks to corporations on integrating healthy programs and solutions for employees.
Wedding Package
Getting married? What better time to focus on getting healthy and eating well! Packages are available for individuals (bride or groom), or groups (bridesmaids/groomsmen).
Kids Package
Seeking help with what to feed the kids? Help is on the way! Brooke aids parents and kids in eating to fuel their active lives. Enjoy tasty treats and meals that require little prep but are high in nutritional value.
Family Package
If the family dinner has become routine, consisting of microwaving a frozen pizza or fish sticks night after night, you might be wishing for a nutritional makeover. Get quick and easy meal ideas to feed your family right, without skimping on taste!
Healthy Kitchen Package
Ever wished someone would raid your pantry and restock your fridge with healthy items? Brooke does home consultations to help you build a healthy kitchen from A to Z.
New Mom Package
In addition to joys of a new baby come sleepless nights and struggles to get the pre-baby body back. Although you are no longer pregnant, nutrition is still important. Breastfeeding and the energy demands of caring for a new baby mean that good nutrition is key to looking and feeling your best. Learn what foods fuel you and give you the stamina you need, without weighing you down.
Weight Management Package
Get the tools, support, and coaching to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. You can do it.
Sports Nutrition Package
Are you a weekend warrior, a recreational or a professional athlete? Every bite counts. Don’t starve on empty fuel. Treat your body to the good nutrition it deserves and see the results in your athletic performance.
Speaking Engagements
Brooke speaks to groups and corporations and runs classes and seminars for doctors, in addition to making media appearances to promote health and wellness.
Heart Healthy Diet
Learn why a no fat diet is no fun at all, and why including certain fats can make your heart healthier.
Low Glycemic/Low Sugar Diet
Is high fructose corn syrup hiding in your spaghetti sauce? Get tips and tricks for decoding hidden sugars and gaining greater energy on a diet low in sugar.
Grocery Shopping
One-on-One Tours
Brooke enjoys taking clients of all ages on personalized one-on-one and group shopping trips. Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and traditional grocery stores are great places to stock up on healthy items for your personalized healthy diet. Brooke tailors her shopping to the individual, so each experience is unique and designed to fit the client’s preferences. Dietary concerns are always taken into account. Brooke’s philosophy is that having the right “tools” (foods) sets you up to make the healthiest food choices. If you have easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator, you will be more likely to integrate these into your meals.
Healthy Food Delivery Service
Have healthy, fresh foods delivered to your home by a registered dietitian on a regular basis! This allows you easy access to making good food choices and eating a balanced diet, no shopping required.
Targeting Emotional Eating
People often eat for every reason other than true physical hunger. Boredom, stress, loneliness, anger, the sight and smell of tempting foods can all be triggers to eat. Recognizing this tendency is a great first step in learning to eat for pleasure. In general, eating when one is hungry and stopping when satisfied (80% full) is best. Learn strategies to recognize what triggers emotional eating and how to effectively handle any food situation in a healthier way. If this sounds like you, the Emotional Eating package may be just what you are seeking.
Menu Planning
Learn to plan a healthy menu for yourself, your family, your child, a holiday…the possibilities (and menus) are endless!
Vegetarian Diets
If you are vegetarian, do not feel you must resort to Tofurkey every Thanksgiving. Being vegetarian can be very healthy when done right, and that is the key. Learn how to shop like a [vegetarian] pro and create delectable meals.